Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Years Resolutions

Okay so it might be a bit late but I've decided to make some new years resolutions and I'm going to stick to them as best I can. Here they are...

First I'm going to start eating a lot healthier as I eat so much junk food and I want to eat a healthier diet so i can be a healthier person. Also I need to drink more water because I don't really like it but I should drink because it really good for you and good for your skin.

Secondly, I have joined the gym but I don't really try as hard as I should so my second new years resolutions is to try harder at the gym so I can keep fit. I do swim aswell but I haven't been going at all recently so I defiantly need to try harder at that.

Last one is to be nicer to my friends and family and respect them because I guess I don't really relise how much they mean to me because they are always there for me.

Happy 2013 everyone!!!

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