Friday, 4 January 2013

Favorite Jewellary

So today post is about my favorites pieces of jewellary I'm going to do 2 necklaces, 2 pairs of earrings, 2 bracletts and 2 rings...

Okay my two favorite necklaces are my Gran's locket and a heart necklace from my mum. The locket means so much to me as it has a picture of my late Gran and Granddad inside it, I wear it almost everyday. The heart necklace was a present off my mum and dad, I love it its so pretty and I wear it all the time.

My two favorite bracletts are my gold braclett and my Nomination link braclett. I love my gold braclett because it is so pretty and the design is so nice. My link braclett has four links on it, and R, an Opal, a horse and a Libra sign. I love this braclett because all the links represent me in some way.

My two favorite pairs of earrings were both given to me as a present from my friend +Lucy Butcher. One of them are my owl earrings which I have posted about already but I love them because they are so cute and pretty. My other pair are my black mustache earrings I like these earring because I love the design.

My two favorite rings are my silver ring and my gold Love ring from Accessorize, I love my silver ring because its very pretty and I love the design. I like my gold Love ring because I like the way the word love links into the flower, its very pretty

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