Monday, 31 December 2012

Trip To Exeter

So, I went to Exeter today with my friend because where we live the town is not very good for shopping, and these are my purchases today...

So the first shop we went in was obviously Jack Wills I love the shop and always go in whenever i visit Exeter especially if they are having a sale, I spotted these socks and thought they were very cute and pretty and then I found out they were in the sale and I had to have them. They are very warm and cosy and were only £9.00.

The next thing i brought were these mini shower gels from Cath Kidston, I was originally going to get the mini hand creams but decided to get these instead. I haven't used them yet but they smell amazing and were only £6.00.

Finally, Lush I love the shop and could spend a long time in there and buy alot. I brought a Bubblebeard reusable bubble bar which is the mustache on a stick, it smells great and you can use it again and again and again. I also brought a bath bomb, it smells so good and looks very pretty with the little flowers in it. The last thing I brought was a Luxury Bath Melt, this one in my opinion smells the best out of all them and you just use it like a bath bomb. All of them together came to £8.82 which i thought was a bargain.

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