Thursday, 3 January 2013

My Wishlist!

So I've decided to post a wishlist it won't be my whole wishlist otherwise it would be very long so these are just a few I would really like...

First on my wishlist is a white Ipad, I want alot of apple products and I couldn't decide between an Ipad and a Macbook but my aunt has an Ipad and i went on it and its so good, the screen is so clear and you can do almost anything with it. I defiantly need to save, save, save to afford one!

Second is a dressing table, I've wanted one of these since i was little but I've never had one, at the moment there is no room in my bedroom to put one so I'm trying to figure out different ways to arrange my room so I can fit one in it.

Last is Vans! I really want these navy blue Vans as I love the colour and as I already have one pair and a pair for school I know that they are so comfy and they are defiantly my favorite pair of shoes I own and I would love another pair!


  1. The ipad looks lovely, I hope you save up enough! I have those fans, the colours pretty good actually because they're not too light so dont stain so easily :)

    ~lizzo xx

    1. Ahaha i know!! :) and yeaah me too! :) Ohhh thats goood then! :)