Sunday, 17 March 2013

One Direction Concert!!!

Okay so I know it's late as the concert was 2 weeks ago but I really wanted to make a post all about it. I went with my friend to Cardiff to see One Direction live in concert on March 2nd and it was amazing, the best night of my life!

We arrived there early so we wouldn't have to wait in a huge long queue for merchandise or to get in. Once we had brought all our merch we went to the side entrance to queue up. Luckily because we got there early we were near the front of the line but we ended up waiting for 2 hours.

When we got let in we found our seats pretty quickly and they were really good!
There was quite a long wait for the first act to come on which was Camryn, when she had finished 5 Seconds of Summer came on and they were so good! Then finally One Direction came on, here is the set list so I don't have to write every song.

The most amazing thing happend, while they were performing One Way or Another on the second stage which was really close to us Liam Payne waved at us! Me and my friend started to cry and get really emotional (I couldn't help it) but luckily I had some tissues in my bag so I could wipe my face. I think because me and my friend were both crying and a tissue in our hand Liam also pointed over at us looking concerned it was amazing!!

It was the most amazing experience and I will never forget it and how lucky I was to actually go!
Thank you to +Lucy Butcher for buying the tickets and inviting me to go with her otherwise I would never have gone!

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